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Targeted Advertising and Your Business

Targeted Advertising and Your Business

What is Targeted Advertising?

Targeted advertising is designed to target specific audiences, based on demographic or psychographic variables. Business owners, social media platforms, and advertising tools pinpoint customers that might be interested in their product and advertise directly to them. 

As an example, if a business is selling women’s size 3-6 ice skates. They could use targeted advertising software to figure out their target audience is a woman, aged between 18-35 who lives in a colder climate, like Canada, where there is a trend of ice skating at that time. They might also look at specific customer’s likes. Have they been following famous ice skater? Have they purchased ice skates or other equipment in the last six months?

The answers to these questions would enable a business to spend their money and time advertising to people who are more likely to be interested in their product and skip out the people who might be completely uninterested.

The Stigma of Targeted Ads

Targeted advertising has a love-hate relationship with consumers. It can feel very intrusive if you have been chatting on the phone about buying a new iPhone, and then the next day your social media feeds are full of adverts for new phones. It can feel as though there is no escape from a company and no privacy.

However, the walls of internet privacy are being demolished pixel by pixel. Consumers are getting used to having ads targeted towards them, and often when asked, would choose to have this kind of advertising as it predicts what they might want and shows them what they need at any given time.

Being in the middle of this moral war can help your business to succeed without getting you into a mess.

Targeted Advertising Social Media

Social media is a hotbed for targeted advertising. Social media sites and sites like Falcon, select targets for you, or you can select your own and precisely choose a captivated target audience based on their age, sex, location and what they are likely to interact with.

You can also add your logo into all your adverts which is brilliant as it publishes your brand to as larger an audience as possible visit this page to learn more. Make sure you use a great design resource to customize and create an eye-catching logo that will make your brand stand out from the advert.

It can be hit and miss when using it, depending on the number of followers you have, the amount of money you want to spend and how you select your targets. Often it is suggested to let the algorithms do it themselves.

You can hire people to run this side of your business, and this can achieve great results. Often business owners with no idea of how these things work, run out of money and get minimal results. By employing a professional social media advertiser, you can be sure of clear goals and achievable results.

Be observant of the differences between the way targeted ads are produced across the various social media sites and make sure that you are creating the right image for your business through them.

Remember to be careful with how you use targeted advertising and try to avoid being too overtly intrusive into people’s lives. If you are in doubt then get some trusted, professional advertising help when you start out. Paying for an hour of a professional’s time could save you hundreds in the future. Keep business savvy but also consider what your customers will think of you and how they will react to your chosen style of targeted advertising.

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