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Social media marketing for small businesses – a how to guide.

Social media marketing for small businesses 2020 updated

It is no secret that social media has had a huge impact on how brands large and small connect with their audiences.

But even now, over 12 years after the creation of the first Facebook Business Page, 42% of Small and Medium Business (SMBs) do not have a social media presence. And the ones who do have not been able to benefit because of lack of knowledge, skills and resource.

So, what is it about social media marketing that trips up so many brands? Lets get into it.

The State of Social Media for Small Business

In simplistic terms, social media is the digital realm where people connect with each other, build community and create online identities they wish to share with the world.

For brands, social media provides an opportunity to become a part of those conversations and identities, which now have more meaning and influence than ever before. ( Read – What is influencer marketing? )

But because brands are brands and not people, there is friction and noticeable discomfort when social media is used. To help such brands, lets dwell into 7  social media marketing tips for small business.

7 Tips To Enhance Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Today, approximately 3 billion people use one or another social media channel. Which means, most of your customers are online and spend significant amount of time on social media every day. Since they are on social media, they get influenced by the online conversation.

Here are few tips to build an audience that will help your business improve brand awareness and grow online in 2020:

  • Know your Customer

    Perhaps this is the most cliched of all, but the truth is that today, your customers are not what they were yesterday. With demographics changing every day, a social media strategy needs to be dynamic enough to serve different audiences. Understanding the customer is important before you begin to market on social media.

  • Be Flexible

    One of the most underestimated social media tips for small businesses is to be flexible. Don’t make a rigid strategy. Keep on changing the post frequency, type of content, targeting options, etc. until you find something that works. Being flexible delivers the best results on social media.

  • Repurpose Everything

    Repurposing content is probably the only social media strategy for the business that works in the long run. Figure out your best content and change its type. Place content on different platforms in different ways to increase your traffic and reach.

  • Contest Alert

    Running a contest is something every small business should do to increase engagement through social media marketing. It increases your visibility, followers, and engagement. Giveaways and contests have proven that they generate better engagement than many alternatives available.

  • Study the Competition

    Another one of the cliche social media tips for small business is to study the competition. Most of the time, small businesses ignore this. However, the competition has some of the best social media content that you can learn from. Find their posting schedule, the types of posts they create, and develop a strategy that works around that.

  • Interact with Everyone

    Connecting with your audience is an excellent way for small businesses to maximize their social media presence. They can interact with followers on all social media platforms. They can also conduct surveys of their audience to get better insights into their products and services.

  • Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

    Optimization is the key to the success of any social media strategy for business. Conduct A/B tests for social media posts and ads. Compare and contrast images, text, video layout, etc. and see what has worked in the past. Optimize everything on social media for a better reception from your audience.

Social media marketing for small business can take marketing efforts to a new level. Every social media consultant will suggest business owners start from the basics and take baby steps.

The small business must know its target audience. By following the above tips, they can increase their traffic and engagement twofold.

Need a Tailor-made Social Media Strategy for Your Small Business?

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